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Liquids Provided By Steriport Systems

A wide range of colours & fragrances

Safe & Friendly

Hand-Safe, Friendly on Your Skin

Our hand sanitisers utilise some of the most advanced formulations available. Alcohol-free, chemical-free and non-irritant, they can be used regularly without damaging your skin

All our liquids contain non-flammable biocides with antiviral & antibacterial qualities far beyond those of alcohol-based products. There is a wide range of food-safe non-scented & scented options available.

Vegan-Friendly, Eco-Friendly
& Safe on The Environment

Our hand sanitiser liquids are primarily derived from vegetable sources containing no animal derivatives. Cruelty-free – our products have not been tested on animals.

The liquids contain no volatile substances.  They are biodegradable, non-toxic and safe to wildlife. There are no single use plastics required to use our hand sanitisation services.  We are a company committed to delivering a clean, green, sustainable solution from end-to-end.

Safe on Your Finances & Friendly on Your Wallet

We believe hand sanitisation is for all and we price accordingly.  All service terms are priced at the equivalent of LESS THAN one cup of coffee per day.  Service provision is on an OPEX model – meaning no large upfront investment, only a single, fixed monthly fee across the entire service term. 

Additionally, there are no extra hidden costs for refill liquid to consider as refill is part of our managed service.

Hospital Grade Protection

Providing FiveNines Protection

  • Effective against 99.999% of all viral & bacterial hand transmission
  • Meets NHS Requirements for Hand Sanitiser including:

Colours, Fragrances & Sizes

Our sanitiser liquids come in range of colours, fragrances and container sizes. Please see a small sample selection of the range of fragrances we can produce for you from the drop-down menu below. We can also create custom colours and fragrances. Please speak to one of our experts about this in further detail.

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